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What's in the Playbook?

Historically, businesses tend to collect all of the engagement data that they can by asking as many questions as possible. In an effort to cover all of their bases, companies have a tendency to collect too much, making it difficult to take action.
The answer? An approach that will assess all areas of engagement highlighting the key issues. With more focus on trending topics, you will be able to drill down to the root of your issues and create action plans that are based on real data.
In our playbook, learn about the eight common engagement challenges that we've identified and how you can take action if you are facing any of these challenges:
  • Ineffective Team Communication
  • Organizational Silos
  • Inconsistent Management
  • Leadership Vacuum
  • Lack of Empowerment
  • Misalignment of Rewards
  • Unclear Mission & Values
  • Resistance to Change
In this playbook, you'll learn about the common elements that are draining employee engagement and what you can do to take action.