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Because every decision in HR is data-driven and focused on supporting company-wide initiatives, being data literate is now the crucial, Swiss Army knife for HR executives.
Learn how you can become a progressive, data-driven HR organization, so that ultimately, you can tap into the full potential of your people data.
Dustin Wells, Co-CEO of Workify, shares why your Workforce Analytics strategy should be centered around a strong foundation of engagement analytics AND how you can start connecting engagement analytics to other Key Performance Indicators and people data within your organization.
Here's what we cover:
  • The data maturity curve for employee engagement analytics
  • Engagement programs needed to become a progressive, data-driven HR organization
  • Why every strong Workforce Analytics strategy is built around Engagement Analytics
  • How to connect your engagement analytics to other KPIs within your organization
  • What you should expect, data-wise, from outsourced vendors