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This is a defining moment for leaders: Your contributions today are more important than ever—to your teams and to our global community.
Right now, we’re all in crisis-management mode: Working hard to communicate to employees, customers, and clients, and mitigating risks while managing a newly-remote workforce. But are we so myopically focussed on adjusting to the “new normal” that we’re missing opportunities to strengthen our businesses for the future?
The investments we make now can render us agile and ready to take the next punch, weather the next storm, and leapfrog our competitors. In this webinar, three forward-thinking leaders come together to talk about a strategy for moving us from “survive” to “thrive”— even in the case of a down market.
The session includes:
  • Macro trends impacting the decisions businesses are making now so they are positioned to thrive on the other side of this crisis
  • Why the management tax is going down while the leadership quotient is going up
  • The intersection and convergence of enterprise software and the employee experience
  • How to apply agile software practices make your organization more nimble and elastic