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“If you don’t move forward-you begin to move backward”
We are reaching an inflection point with COVID-19. As we prepare for the next phase, many organizations are accepting the fact that the “new normal” will have longer lasting effects on how we do business. Leaders, managers and employees alike are beginning to wonder, “so now what?”.
Most companies have collected invaluable feedback from their employees during this shift to remote working. Now, we are all wondering what is coming next and how things will evolve from here. Taking action on employee feedback can be difficult especially now with all of the risks and uncertainty.
In this webinar, three forward-thinking leaders come together to discuss how companies are working through the difficulties of moving forward and making work better during these truly unprecedented times.
Stephen Huerta, CEO of Workify
Gill Godfrey, CHRO of Storable
Zach Stanfield, VP of HR, Lykins Energy
  • Responding to the “new normal” and understanding where you are in the change curve
  • Discussion around the initial hurdles organizations have faced with COVID-19 and practical solutions implemented
  • Emerging trends / blind spots in the workplace related to current environment and what the next phase of challenges may pose to leaders
  • Shifting leadership and management focus to taking action and making data driven decisions
We hope you’ll watch this unique discussion on real world solutions and strategies for taking action between executives in the front lines.