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So now that stay-at-home orders are relaxing, companies are quickly formulating a plan for what a return to office will look like. Cross functional teams are assessing and balancing business needs, employee concerns, logistical considerations, etc when assessing and finalizing their plan to return to office.
What changes do we need to make at the office to be safe? Do we return after so much investment in remote working? How are employees feeling about a return to office? What will this mean for parents? What do we do with our overseas offices?
In this four part series, Workify CEO, Stephen Huerta, will have candid conversations with CEO’s, HR executives and thought leaders and will drill into the various challenges companies are facing and offer practical solutions for working through the process for how you could return to the office.
This series kicked-off with the amazing Beth Goff-McMillan, CEO of SKG, joining us to discuss how the physical office is changing and how leadership instincts are being put to the test.
Stephen Huerta, CEO of Workify
Beth Goff-McMillan, CEO of SKG Inc.
  • How is the physical office changing? What will this mean for a return to office?
  • Will COVID-19 change the way we collaborate and build culture?
  • How are leaders developing their return to work strategies?
  • What is the right model - remote or office? Is hybrid a realistic option?