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The last year really pressure tested organizations and highlighted the importance of listening to employees and understanding their concerns. Whether it was return to office, diversity & inclusion, or wellbeing, companies surveyed their employees at record levels as leadership teams and HR executives became more reliant on employee feedback to stay connected to their people.
As we emerge from the pandemic, businesses and employees will be in transition yet again, and managers will need to understand what is driving and draining their people. With the possibility of an economic boom post-COVID, there is a lot at stake for companies, and creating a culture that will attract the best talent will require modern employee listening systems.
We had an engaging conversation on emerging trends in employee listening. Professor Dr. Ethan Burris from University of Texas shared how companies have changed their approach to surveying employees, and why more businesses are implementing employee listening programs.
Stephen Huerta, CEO of Workify
Professor Dr. Ethan Burris, University of Texas
  • Why are employee listening systems critical to your business?
  • How should companies approach employee listening?
  • What are the channels that are expected by employees?
  • How are companies listening to their employees?
  • What are best practices for management actioning their data?