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Balancing professional / personal life and mental health challenges in the workplace is something that employees have grappled with for decades. It is estimated that mental health conditions cost employers more than $100bn and 217mm lost workdays each year.
Historically, the problem has been largely a silent issue as employees are afraid of losing their jobs if they share their struggles with colleagues at work. Then, COVID-19 happened. Over the last year, the global pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the mental health of employees across the world as fear, anxiety and isolation has been more prominent in our lives.
We invite you to watch this engaging conversation on how companies can change the climate of fear regarding mental health in the workplace. Gloria Chan Packer, Principal Advisor at Recalibrate shared emerging practices for how you can address mental health in the workplace and increase productivity, engagement and employee retention by investing in wellbeing programs.
Stephen Huerta, CEO of Workify
Gloria Chan Packer, Principal Advisor at Recalibrate
  • Understand why mental health and wellbeing is such a critical topic for companies right now
  • Provide best practices and steps companies are taking in response to the current environment
  • Discuss tool and resources for leaders and managers to start a conversation with their teams
  • Share "Must have" resources that businesses should offer the people to support wellbeing and promote healthier workplaces